Top 3 Best Pods Mods 2018


For a pleasant center ground between dispensable e-cigs and vape mod boxes and pens are the pod mods. Simple to utilize and super helpful, they are extremely alluring to new vapers. With innovation in pods, they give all of the value an accomplished vaper expects, as well.

Pre-filled pods for straightforward, sans mess and helpful vaping

Prefilled pod vape case frameworks are winding up progressively prominent with time. V2 are driving the route in making pod vape frameworks tantamount to their customary refillable tank vape frameworks.

It is a three in1 framework that can be utilized for dry herb, wax think or e-fluid.

This unit accompanies 3 V2 Pro pods, and each pod is loaded with V2 enhanced e-fluid that associates with the Series 3 vape pen. It additionally accompanies a normal Series 3 e-fluid cartridge that can be loaded with any e-juice. The attractive association not just makes it a snap to pop the pods into put, yet the association consequently distinguishes what sort of cartridge has been appended and changes with the perfect temperature and voltage.

An interesting vaping background from a pod vape pen

JUUL is rapidly turning into the most prominent pod framework vape pen available. It is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. Utilizing nicotine salt prefilled e-juice pods, JUUL conveys a vape encounter that is starting from such a little vape pen. Nicotine salts are the fixing that could be found in the tobacco leaf and not made in a lab like free base nicotine found in numerous e-juices. The pods have a 5% (59mg) nicotine level quality, making it one of the most grounded around. Indeed, even at that quality, despite everything, it presents a smooth vape as the salts don’t create a cruel nicotine throat hit.

Refillable pods make this vape pen an adaptable and prudent decision

Pod framework vape pens are appealing for the usability with regards to flying in a pod as opposed to refilling a tank. With the Trap Pod vape pen, compactness meets economy. Presently pods can be refilled and after that embedded into the pen in a hurry, sparing cash by being an open framework pod. Pods can be loaded with any most loved e-juice. Regardless of whether the e-juice is thick high VG or thin high PG juices is regardless, the Trap Pod vapes them all. The Trap can likewise vape oils. However, the oil pod is sold independently.

The body is extremely tough, and the pods are sealed. Convey the Trap in a pocket or handbag without stress. The unit accompanies a battery and pod. The pod can come pre-filled or void, leaving clients to locate their most loved e-juice. For a dollar more, Mi Vapors offers a 30ml jug of e-juice. Flavors accessible are Bla Tobacco, Menthol Blast, Strawberry Mango Freeze or Hairy Berry Mixed Berries.


Not expecting to refill the juices makes them exceptionally versatile, for a get and go vape. Fly in a pod mods and get vaping in a moment or two. No settings to squirm with and no chaotic refills.

E-Cigarettes: What Vaping Does to Your Body


Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are in the market within the U.S. since 2008 and have gained wider use in recent years. Now, the proof is setting out to emerge on e-cigs’ short effects and their positive and negative impact on people’s health.

E-cig features

E-cigarettes are powered devices that heat a liquid typically containing nicotine mixed with the chemicals propylene and glycerol, and sometimes flavorings are starting from gum to watermelon into a vapor that users will inhale. They deliver nicotine, an extremely addictive drug, to the body while not manufacturing any smoke. This month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declared that its authority to control tobacco merchandise could currently be embrace e-cigarettes. The devices beside cigars, pipe and pipe tobacco can currently be regulated in a very similar thanks to typical cigarettes. The new rules that get on Aug. 8 additionally prohibited the sale of those merchandise to individuals beneath age eighteen each in stores and on-line.

However as a result of e-cigs are comparatively new nicotine delivery merchandise, there are several unrequited questions on their safety and health impacts, together with questions on their long-run use and effectiveness in serving to ancient smokers to quit. What, exactly, is an associate e-cigarette, and the way do these chemicals have an effect on the center and lungs yet as a personality’s overall health? Live Science asked two tobacco specialists for his or her insight into these queries, and here is what they same.

What’s known about e-cigs

There isn’t any question that a puff on an e-cigarette is a smaller amount dangerous than a puff on a traditional coffin nail, a faculty member of drugs and also the director of the middle for Tobacco management analysis and Education at the University of California, port of entry.

Because e-cigarettes produce a vapor instead of manufacture a tobacco smoke, they often deliver less nicotine to users than cigarettes do. However, this does not mean the devices continually represent a safer step down from cigarettes. In fact, one in of the foremost dangerous things regarding e-cigarettes is that they’ll keep individuals smoking typical cigarettes longer, instead of encouraging them to try to quit, he said. Though estimates vary, anyplace from seventy to ninety p.c of e-cigarette users are “dual users,” that means they still smoke regular cigarettes when they start vaping. Read more.

The unknowns regarding e-cigs

Studies evaluating whether or not e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes are inconclusive, in keeping with a review of studies revealed within the journal Tobacco management in could 2014. Moreover, the long-run health effects in people that get nicotine in a very gasified type over time aren’t renowned, Siegel same. It is also unclear whether or not propylene, a renowned bother to the tract, may end in respiratory organ issues when decades of vaping, he said.

And because e-cigarettes are in the marketplace for solely regarding ten years, there is no long-run studies of individuals United Nations agency have used them for thirty to forty years. Therefore, the total extent of e-cigs’ effects on the heart and respiratory organ health, yet as their cancer-causing potential, over time isn’t renowned.


Another unrequited question is, however, the flavorings utilized in the devices could affect people’s health. Nearly five hundred brands and seven,700 flavors of e-cigarettes are presently on sale, in keeping with the American respiratory organ Association. This large choice of flavors has helped create vaping appealing to youth. Learn more details at

Bad Effects of Vaping and E-Cigarettes

No matter who may tell you that vapping do also have positive side effects as smoking cigarettes , do not believe it! It might be true that there are one or two minor positive side effects, but in the comparison with a number of harmful effects, it is worthwhile. If you want to know more about what effect smoking cigarettes has, keep reading.

The Addiction

I think I do not ever to tell you that it builds smoking builds up an addiction to nicotine very quickly. I am just mentioning it because it is one of the first effects and the most important effect that is responsible for disability of people to quit smoking.

The Metabolism

Smoking has the effect of accelerating the metabolism. WARNING: This is no work to start smoking for weight loss! It does not work because the weight loss effect takes only a short time and later comes behind. As a return you will be a victim of cigarettes, so please leave it soon!

Smoker for Concentration Is Self Cheating

Smoking looks like raising concentration, but this is just an illusion. Let me explain: if you begin to start smoking, your brain starts to make you feel the need for nicotine. If you need it, you are not able to stay focused anymore. Give your heart what you want to make you happy and you can concentrate (normally for the next 45 to 60 minutes after the last cigarette). This means that smoking only manages a problem that was caused by smoking. By these smoking cigarettes to increase the concentration is nothing else that cheating yourself.

Smoking for Stress Relief Is Also Self Cheating

Smoking cigarettes put stress. Now you can say “STOP!”. You can hear that smoking cigarette relieve stress, but this is a big lie! It’s just the same as the stress or the concentration. As soon as you start smoking, your brain gets addicted to it, and every time you need nicotine, you begin to feel that something is wrong. By smoking it and giving you the sense of what it wants, it smells the feeling of a stress problem, but it’s just the same with the concentration. You have read a problem that was originally caused by smoking cigarette, and in that way, you keep on cheating yourself

Your Senses Break Down

Another cause of smoking cigarettes is the depression of your senses. Many smokers just do not believe this, but this is an important influence of smoking. How often have you been in situations where others have told you something smells pretty strange or even bad, and just say they can not smell anything? Think deeply: Do you always feel good when you are not able to smell properly? In fact, you can only make the difference when you quit smoking. The same applies to taste.

The above-mentioned effects are of course some of the most important effects, but I believe that there is a lot more of them. In fact, there are too many to mention here. And you must trust me if I say that there is not a single effect of smoking cigarette that does not harm you one way at least.

What Is Sub OHM Vaping?

Thousands purchase the best vape mods today so they can enjoy a new form of smoking. There does seem to be more interested than ever before in using electronic cigarettes and it’s easy to see why. You can’t smoke indoors but with an electronic cig you can in many places. However, while these appear to be very simple devices, what are they really? What does Sub-Ohm vaping mean? Read on to find out more.

Understanding Sub-Ohm

Sub-ohm vaping really means getting more vape clouds. When using a vaping device, more electricity is being used to produce more clouds so the sub-ohm is quite tricky. With this type of vaping, you are using up a lot of electricity and that can be dangerous to say the least. However, the whole point of this is to get a more intense flavor and to enjoy more. That can be quite tricky though and it’s somewhat risky as well so you really need to know what you’re getting into before buying a vape mode that can handle a lot of high electrical juice. They are for some but maybe not for others, especially if an overly intense flavor isn’t what you’re aiming for.

The Pros of Sub-Ohm Vaping

A lot of people purchase vape mods capable of handling sub-ohm vaping so that they can enjoy bigger clouds. As most will know when a vapor device is used, it produces cloud of vapor that resembles smoke. For some, they aren’t able to produce a lot of vapor so opt for sub-ohm in order to do so. There is also the potential to get a hotter vapor. This will help make the smoker feel as though they are using a traditional cigarette rather than an electronic one. Also, flavors can become much more intense which is really something most users want. See more this site:

The Drawbacks of Sub-Ohm Vaping

First of all, while some really want an intense flavor hitting their throats, there are many who really don’t like that idea. A lot of newcomers can dislike this feeling and there have been many who’ve thrown up at this too. It’s a troubling drawback to say the least. This can catch a lot of people out so it’s not always idea. What is more, sub-ohm vaping can hit the lungs hard and for many first-timers it’s not an enjoyable experience, even when buying the best vape mods. Also, with bigger vapor plumes, they can become an annoyance for others around you especially when indoors and it can cause a lot of trouble. If you’re trying to be discreet, sub-ohm vaping isn’t for you.

Be Careful

Sub-ohm vaping is an unusual concept. Yes, it has its good points but it also has its bad points and it’s so hard to know if this is suitable for you. The only real way to determine if it’s right for you is to try it. However, it can be quite strong so you really need to prepare yourself for this. If you’re someone who doesn’t really care about intensity and wants a more subtle smoking experience, sub-ohm vaping isn’t ideal. Buy a vape mod and ensure you’re happy with it before trying sub-ohm vaping! See more this site:

What Voltage/Wattage Setting Should I Use For My Electronic Cigarette?

When it comes to using a vapor pen, many people get a bit confused as to how they should use them. For most, they have trouble with their wattage and voltage settings. Now, these can be important elements of vaping simply because they can make the entire vaping experience more enjoyable. Unfortunately, most people don’t use the right settings and have serious trouble with vaping. So, what type of voltage or wattage settings should you be using when using an e-cig?

How to Determine Your Settings

First and foremost you have to be aware that when using your vape pen, there are a few things which can determine how high you set your settings. You have to look at the battery life you have with your device, the atomizer you have as well as the type of tastes you like too. If you don’t know how strong a flavor or taste you like, you might have trouble knowing which settings are for you.

What Voltage Wattage Setting Should I Use For My Electronic Cigarette

Keep Your Voltage Low or You Will Damage the Atomizer

When vaping, if you set things up too high, you could end up damaging the atomizer more so than you might intend. Atomizers are easily damaged and when you use the device on an extremely high setting the atomizer will be destroyed. It could be that the atomizer basically fries and that means you have to buy another new one. It would be more than wise to keep the settings fairly low so that you get an enhanced taste but not so much that you find it overpowering. Your vapor pen should still be able to offer a good taste nonetheless.

Use Lower Settings to Keep Your Battery Lasting Longer

You also have to remember that while you have your settings up high, it will run away with the battery. There is a reason why you have to take your battery life into consideration when adjusting your voltage and wattage settings. It could be more reasonable to start off with a fairly low setting now and see how the battery life progresses. If you wanted to, you could increase slightly to see the difference in battery. This will allow you to get a suitable setting for your vape pen. Everyone wants something different so take that into consideration.

Understand Your Tastes

You also have to take your tastes into consideration. For example, when you have a high voltage or wattage the tastes can almost resemble a burnt taste. The reason why is simply because the coil has been burning out and with a higher voltage, it’ll burn quicker. Also visit our best article here for more information.The vapor might be bigger when on a higher setting but you have to take into account that the tastes will be very different. That is why you have to be wary when using your vapor pen.

Find the Right Settings

When it comes to vaping you have to ensure you find the very best voltage and wattage settings. If you are able to do this, you will find it’s a lot easier to vape and enjoy it. Far too many people don’t do this and end up regretting it so you should take that into consideration first. Enjoy using your vape pen and see what it can do for you today.

Vaping and Inhaling: Everything You Need To Know

Buying the best box mod is highly popular today and it seems as though more and more are now choosing vaping than ever before. However, vaping is something which thousands struggle with and it’s not hard to see why. When it comes to vaping and inhaling a lot of people get a bit confused and aren’t sure if this is really the ideal solution for them. So, what do you need to know when it comes to vaping? Read on to find out more.

Opting For DLI

The direct lung inhale can also be a very popular option for many too. This is when you draw the vapor right to the lungs so it’s in a sense like when you breathe in deeply! You will be able to get an intense flavor, more so than with mouth to lung which is surprising. However, it is said this is a lot more satisfying for users and is very appealing to say the least. There are also more clouds on offer which is popular too. A vaporizer pen can also be a useful tool to have. You really find enjoy using this device and it’s able to bring more enjoyable flavors too.

Vaping and Inhaling Everything You Need To Know

Choosing MTL

Mouth to lung is quite a popular inhaling method when it comes to vaping. This is when the vapor is taken in through the mouth and is inhaled to your lungs. If this is the route for you, you will take a very big draw so that the mouth fills up with the e-liquid vapor. You should also visit our top article here for more information. When you have done this, you will find the flavors are more intense. A lot of people love the sound of this simply because it offers something a little more effective. However, this isn’t always for everyone and for some, they can struggle with this inhaling technique. When using the best box mod you have to look at ensuring you are comfortable with the mouth to lung inhale technique.

Do You Need To Inhale?

In all honesty, there are many users who do not, in fact, inhale when they are vaping. You might think it’s a bit crazy but, in truth, it’s not and it’s vastly popular to say the least. More and more people are now using the vaping devices but aren’t inhaling. If you are satisfied with the information you can also check out this url here. This can be good too especially if you aren’t comfortable inhaling the vapor. Even with the best vaporizer pen you might not really be comfortable inhaling the e-liquids and if that is the case, you will want to stick to a basic on the mouth contact for a second or two and that’s it.

Learn To Vape

There isn’t a right and wrong way to vape but you have to find a style that suits your needs and likes. For instance, there are many who don’t really like the idea of inhaling while many others do! It’s crazy to say but it’s true. What you have to do is find an avenue that works for you and that offers everything you need and more. Use the best box mod and vape with confidence.

How to Properly Use a Vape?

In the last few years, it seems as though more and more are now choosing to vape and a vapor pen is the number one device to use also. However, for most people, they love the idea but struggle to use the vaping device properly. So, how can you use a vape pen properly? Read on to find out a little more about vaping and using a vaping device.

Start By Fully Charging the Vape Pen

First of all, you have to remove the device from the packaging and connect the vaping device to your charging tool. It is a must to charge your vapor pen fully so that the device is working properly. New batteries can take a little while to charge and it might be several hours before the batteries fully charge. You don’t get the same results when it comes to vaping on a half-charged vaping device.

How to Properly Use a Vape

Connecting Up Your Cartridge or Filling Your Device

Once you have charged the vape pen, you should go ahead and fill the device. Depending on the device you use, you can either fill up the e-liquid into the filling cartridge or connect the cartridge up fully. Once you have done this, you can ensure the wick or the atomizer is working properly. You shouldn’t have too much trouble using the device.

You Can Vape

Once the device is set-up, charged and the e-liquids are installed, you should be able to go ahead and vape. There might be a push button which heats up and allows you to vape. Your vapor pen should be able to vape as normal. However, it can take a little while to get used to using any vaping device and it can take a while for most people too. Once you get used to these devices you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

What to Do If You Have Problems?

In most cases, it’s something very simple that has caused the vaping device not to work. For instance, it could be the device hasn’t been fully charged or that the device is damaged. A vape pen is a very simple device and usually it won’t run into too many issues. You should also visit our link: here for more information. However, you can’t be sure as to why the device can stop working. In most cases, there won’t be any issues with the vaping devices. Most devices work very simply and without too much trouble either.

Enjoy Using Your Vaping Device

Vaping has really become popular in recent times and you cannot blame people as to why they are now using these simple devices. Vape pens are truly great devices and they are going to offer so much. A lot of people use these to quit and give up smoking entirely while others use this as a way to cut down on smoking cigarettes. It can vary significantly but with the right tools you can find it’s a lot easier. You can use your vapor pen and with a bit of know-how you will find your vaping experience is far more effective.