Sunday, March 13, 2011

Creating Trust With The Consumer

Farming looks idyllic and seems easy, but there is real precision, logic
and science behind everything we do 
This website is dedicated to providing you, the consumer, the straight facts directly from the farmer.  

It’s time the consumer heard the farmer’s side of the story and let you ask the questions you want and get an honest answer from those who of us who produce the food that we all eat.  Today’s farmer, whether growing wheat, corn, soybeans, fruits, vegetables or animal agriculture all want to share their love of their profession with you. 

For Starters, check out this article, it is an excellent one written by Mike Barnett.
5 Food Truths Consumers Need to Know
Each above titled page will feature blogs from real farmers, so come take a peek on what really happens on the farm, and if you have questions, contact one of us.  We blog about farm life because we want to share our story.  Make sure and scroll to the bottom of the page as one blog actually has an "Ask the Farmer" page section on their blog... so happy reading, I don't think you will be disappointed.

Plus make sure and check out the blogs as new harvest videos are being posted on the grains page.

Seeding Spring wheat in Northern Idaho

Getting ready to seed garbanzo beans

The Farm is Coming to Town! 
“Monsanto has announced a new Mobile Experience! The story of America’s farmers is making its way to your backyard. The America’s Farmers Mobile Experience is a 53-foot tractor trailer that folds out into 1,000 square feet of exhibit space. Step into this Mobile Experience and get a first-hand look at not only the demands global agriculture faces, but also how farmers truly are the solution. And learn it all in a mere 24 minutes.” Quoted from Food for Thought Blog.

This is just one of many, many blogs about farm life on this site and I singled this one,  From the Tractor Seat  blog that features the "Ask the Farmer" page section to give you an insight, that yes we do want you to ask us questions and see what we do, firsthand.  Each blog is unique and most have contact information from that blogger, so take a moment and read about us.  The blogs are separated by their main crop(s) so you the reader, can pick and choose what is of interest to you, but do check out the other blogs too!
Another site that offers replies from farmers is the Amerian Agri-Women "Ask the Expert" page,  (found on the Agriculture website page)

A special thanks goes to Michele Payn-Knoper, whose web-site Cause Matters,  was used with permission to find many of the blogs for your reading pleasure.

Check out the following:
"This blog is not affiliated with or sponsored by the documentary Food, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries or producers.  Some links on this website provide comment, criticism or news reporting to provide other viewpoints regarding the agricultural industry."

And one more reason why farmers want to connect with consumers to tell our story is because of  companies like this anti-Ag corporation. In the event a person is unfamiliar with the Humane Society of the United States  (HSUS), they are a big corporation who basically garner support from people thinking they are helping puppies and kitties, but this is not true and their intent is geared towards anti-Ag as you will see when watching the YouTube video. This is definitely worth viewing.