What Voltage/Wattage Setting Should I Use For My Electronic Cigarette?

When it comes to using a vapor pen, many people get a bit confused as to how they should use them. For most, they have trouble with their wattage and voltage settings. Now, these can be important elements of vaping simply because they can make the entire vaping experience more enjoyable. Unfortunately, most people don’t use the right settings and have serious trouble with vaping. So, what type of voltage or wattage settings should you be using when using an e-cig?

How to Determine Your Settings

First and foremost you have to be aware that when using your vape pen, there are a few things which can determine how high you set your settings. You have to look at the battery life you have with your device, the atomizer you have as well as the type of tastes you like too. If you don’t know how strong a flavor or taste you like, you might have trouble knowing which settings are for you.

What Voltage Wattage Setting Should I Use For My Electronic Cigarette

Keep Your Voltage Low or You Will Damage the Atomizer

When vaping, if you set things up too high, you could end up damaging the atomizer more so than you might intend. Atomizers are easily damaged and when you use the device on an extremely high setting the atomizer will be destroyed. It could be that the atomizer basically fries and that means you have to buy another new one. It would be more than wise to keep the settings fairly low so that you get an enhanced taste but not so much that you find it overpowering. Your vapor pen should still be able to offer a good taste nonetheless.

Use Lower Settings to Keep Your Battery Lasting Longer

You also have to remember that while you have your settings up high, it will run away with the battery. There is a reason why you have to take your battery life into consideration when adjusting your voltage and wattage settings. It could be more reasonable to start off with a fairly low setting now and see how the battery life progresses. If you wanted to, you could increase slightly to see the difference in battery. This will allow you to get a suitable setting for your vape pen. Everyone wants something different so take that into consideration.

Understand Your Tastes

You also have to take your tastes into consideration. For example, when you have a high voltage or wattage the tastes can almost resemble a burnt taste. The reason why is simply because the coil has been burning out and with a higher voltage, it’ll burn quicker. Also visit our best article here for more information.The vapor might be bigger when on a higher setting but you have to take into account that the tastes will be very different. That is why you have to be wary when using your vapor pen.

Find the Right Settings

When it comes to vaping you have to ensure you find the very best voltage and wattage settings. If you are able to do this, you will find it’s a lot easier to vape and enjoy it. Far too many people don’t do this and end up regretting it so you should take that into consideration first. Enjoy using your vape pen and see what it can do for you today.